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A Structured Model for Doing Inner Work to Support Your 12-Step Recovery Journey

  • Are you struggling to understand how to make the 12-step program work for you?
  • Do you want a better understanding of how your personality type influences your recovery?
  • Do you want control over your unconscious self-sabotaging behavior patterns?
  • Are you wanting to be a healthier version of you in all areas of your life?
  • Is self-acceptance, spirituality, and self-control a problem for you?

     Everyone wants to master their addiction, no one purposefully sabotages their recovery. Recovery is too often at the mercy of what lies below the surface, our unconscious motivations.

     The enneagram ( is a personality model that helps individuals to understand their healthy and unhealthy personality traits. It promotes acceptance and compassion for self and others. We don’t have to be like someone else to be healthy, we just have to be a healthier, more authentic, version of our self – but we have to know what this looks like first!

     The enneagram personality model integrates the influences of nature (we are born with an innate temperament), nurture (our life experiences), and a spirituality based on a connection to our true authentic self. It also provides structured developmental levels of healthy functioning for each personality type to support personal growth. The enneagram identifies unconscious motivations that dictate behavior patterns for each personality type. No one personality type is better than the others, we just need to be healthier versions of our own type.

     This is a small group program involving 2 hours weekly sessions over 12 consecutive weeks. 

Details of Online Group:

  • Weekly Sessions: Wednesdays 6.30pm – 8.30pm
  • 12-week program – must attend all 12 sessions
  • Limited to 8 participants per group
  • Adults 30 years and older in recovery, not using
  • Cost per session $65.00
  • Full payment of $780.00 required before start of program
  • Includes 2 enneagram books, 2 enneagram personality tests, and other resources
  • Superbill provided for out-of-network insurance reimbursement on request, if your insurance covers group therapy.
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