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Couples/Marriage Counseling

     All relationships go through difficult times but sometimes these can be challenging to work through on your own. Effective communication breaks down, negative patterns of behavior develop, and resistance to working together sets in. Couples/marriage therapy provides a safe space for both of you to firstly address motivations that led to the resistance and then to help you work towards a relationship that meets both your needs in a healthy way without comprising either other. 

     The aim of couples/marriage therapy is not to find blame in either partner but to identify unhealthy behavior patterns in the relationship, identify what a healthy relationship looks like for you as a couple, and then help you each to work towards these new healthy behavior strategies.  

     Both partners should expect to make some personal changes as a part of growing into the new relationship, therefore, therapy also focuses on addressing individual developmental needs and building new skills. Couples/marriage counseling focuses on what supports the healthy relationship.     

     Couples/marriage counseling can be highly effective in turning a challenging relationship into a rewarding one. Commitment to working at the relationship and oneself is important, as well as patience with the process, oneself, and one's partner. Counseling sessions for couples/marriage therapy are scheduled for one hour.

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