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     Across the world, societies have a long tradition of working with dreams, valuing dreams as important messages from our inner wisdom, our soul. All societies offer multitude examples of visionary dreams that have shaped their paths and of scientific discoveries and innovations that have their origins in dreams. More importantly, dreams have also played an integral part in everyday life, a compass for understanding and guiding personal life choices.

     Unfortunately, we have recently moved away from this practice as we have become enthralled by the fast-paced developments of modern life and its promises to better deliver answers to today’s life problems. However, we continue to dream whether we remember them or not on waking, and our dreams continue to offer vital wisdom for solving life problems. Dreams play an essential role in our overall health and well-being.

     Dr. Carl Jung argued that tensions, stresses, problems, unhealthy behavior, and neuroses arise when there is a disconnect between the conscious and unconscious parts of our psyche. Consequently, healthy functioning can only be derived through the individuation process; of integrating our shadow self, the unconscious part of ourselves, to create a whole balanced Self. Jung posited that the unconscious uses dreams to communicate important messages to guide us with this integration process.

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