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Family Counseling

     With all the challenges we face today, it is not unusual to come across challenging times in our family relationships that just seem too complicated to address alone. The aim of family counseling is to address problems relating to family dynamics to bring about healthier family functioning. The intent is not to blame any particular family member for the problems present but to instead help each family member understand the family dynamic from all the different perspectives of each person. This helps the family define what healthy functioning looks like for them; family dynamics that meets the needs of each person without prioritizing one person over another.     

     This most often requires all family members to make some changes in order to support the move to the new healthier functioning. The goal of therapy then is to help each family member overcome their individual resistance and challenges to making the changes needed to support personal and family development.

     Family therapy can be meaningfully productive and highly effective through creating better communication, developing greater self and family awareness, enriching family relationships, and building more collective and healthier approaches to problem solving. Family therapy is good for addressing issues that run across the family that cannot be addressed at the individual level.

     However, family therapy requires patience and perseverance. It will move slower initially because more voices need to be heard and commitment is required to continue through these initial differences. 

     Depending on the size of the family, each counseling session is either 1.5 hours or 2 hours. 

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