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Individual Counseling

     Individual counseling is an ideal setting to address a wide range of issues personal to you. It is tailored to your personal requirements for development and it progresses at your pace and comfort level. It offers the opportunity to address your concerns holistically as they impact you across your life or to go deep into specific problems. 

     There is really no limit to what you might want to work on in individual counseling. If it matters to you and you want help with it, or you need to talk it through, then individual counseling is there for it.    

     All talk therapy requires commitment and perseverance. It is highly effective in addressing even complex deep issues to create long-term sustainable change but it requires time and a willingness to work through the "knots" in the threads of our lives. We are complicated and unique individuals, it takes time to unpack who we are and to change establish unhelpful ways of being. But the benefits are most certainly worth it!

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