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Online Counseling Via Zoom

     I have been offering online counseling for a number of years as a part of my overall practice, but the recent events relating to Covid have made the practice more widespread. Studies show it can be equally effective as in person therapy. I use Zoom video conferencing to provide easily accessible online therapy.

     Online counseling can be helpful for you if you find it hard to get to the office, if transportation or mobility is a problem for you, if the specific services you need are not available near to you, you have limited time, or you are housebound for any other reason, such as disability, anxiety, or childcare. However, online counseling is not suitable for you if you are suicidal or have uncontrolled psychotic symptoms.

     While online counseling is easily accessible and effective, you will need to have good access to the Internet to avoid unnecessary breaks in the session, video access via phone or computer, ensure you are not interrupted during the session time, and you will need to find a confidential space at your location so that you feel equally at ease as you would in the office space.

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